Hierros Marcelino Franco

Comercialización, corte y tratamiento superficial de chapas laminadas en caliente.

Products and services

The Group is conceived as a Service Centre aimed at covering all the needs imposed by market dynamics in the metal sheet and plate sector.

In order to fulfil this commitment, we provide the following services:

  • Sufficiently wide stock levels to meet our customers requirements immediately.
  • Customised cutting services - plasma, oxycutting and laser.
  • Bevelling services - thermal cutting, material removal and machining.
  • Surface treatment - shot-blasting and priming.
  • Final finishing processes - folding, bending, machining and drilling.
  • Engineering - customised and turnkey projects.

Our company philosophy is our distinguishing feature in the market, and we propose to continue striving for continuous improvement, in partnership with suppliers and customers